Rakshit Naidu

I am a final year undergraduate at MIT Manipal, where I pursue my Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering.

I'm also a Research Engineer at OpenMined where I work on Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning(PPML). My research interests span over Cryptography and Machine Learning in particular. I've recently been into the field of Explainable AI and Interpretable ML.

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I'm interested in Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning(PPML), Federated Learning, Secure Computations and Homomorphic Encryption. I've recently started out in the field of Explainable AI and Interpretable ML.

SS-CAM: Smoothed Score-CAM for Sharper Visual Feature Localization
Haofan Wang*, Rakshit Naidu*, Joy Michael, Soumya Kundu

Under Review, 2020

TeleVital: Enhancing the quality of contactless health assessment
Jithin Sunny, Joel Jogy, Rohan Rout, Rakshit Naidu

arXiV, 2020